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Weekly program

Monday:Maintenence 08:00pm
Tuesday:2x MonsterMadnes lvl 1-15 Time > Unknown
Wednesday2x MonsterMadnes lvl 21-30 Time > Unknown
Thursday:2x MonsterMadnes lvl 80 Time > Unknown
Friday:Random events
Saturday:GS’s event day / Naked PvP / FFA
Sunday:Guild Ranking Battle 07:00pm

Player’s Testimonial

After few years of playing Shaiya, this server has become my favourite game as it isn’t all PvP. I can farm nicely and kill some darks while I am at it. I also found some nice players that become my friends.Now we play together.


Only I can say, this server is „AWESOME”. I been playing on different servers, but this server is a unique one. Friendly Staff, friendly environment and most of all, I can play a AoL class even i am on UoF side. I really love it.


Greatest server! The only server I know thats been open for 4 years (and counting). You’ll know that its a good server because of the duration its been open. The community is awesome; – thats all I have to say.

GS Waggies
GS WaggiesSO GS

Yes I woke up and was checking the forum before I go back to bed. Yep that’s me sick and all I keep check of my other family Shaiya Olympus. This is the best server to be on ever.

HeartSO GS

The way this server run make me wake up early in the morning just to hops in Game. This server is best the server and I love playing on it. There won’t be another server that will make me leave this one.

N33dlesSO Player

All I know is that in this server I found all I was looking in a game… a family…. friends… fun! I recomend it 103%

ImplacableSO Player

I’ve even failed in my midterms because i didnt study just to have a great pvp (dont worry i recovered from finals).. I’m on my 3 years here and still counting! This would be the last server i would play XD , and I am looking forward for the future of this server.

judySO Player

I have played many servers and this is hands down the best i ever played. If you want a place you know is secure and dont wanna have to worry about a shut down and losing you all you worked for or bought then this is a home for you look no more !


This sever has been up for more then 4 years! That has to say something! There is no other server out there like this one. Best server HANDS DOWN!

RevanSO GS

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