#1 Private Server

Official PvPvE server

Weekly program

Monday:Maintenence 08:00pm
Tuesday:2x MonsterMadnes lvl 1-15 Time > Unknown
Wednesday2x MonsterMadnes lvl 21-30 Time > Unknown
Thursday:2x MonsterMadnes lvl 80 Time > Unknown
Friday:Random events
Saturday:GS’s event day / Naked PvP / FFA
Sunday:Guild Ranking Battle 07:00pm

Player’s Testimonial

After few years of playing Shaiya, this server has become my favourite game as it isn’t all PvP. I can farm nicely and kill some darks while I am at it. I also found some nice players that become my friends.Now we play together.


Only I can say, this server is „AWESOME”. I been playing on different servers, but this server is a unique one. Friendly Staff, friendly environment and most of all, I can play a AoL class even i am on UoF side. I really love it.

OxeLSO PlayerSO forum page

Greatest server! The only server I know thats been open for 4 years (and counting). You’ll know that its a good server because of the duration its been open. The community is awesome; – thats all I have to say.

GS WaggiesSO GSSO forum page
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